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Central Library

We have a very well stocked library consisting of rare Ayurved books, medical journals and medical books. A qualified librarian
is there to assist the students and the staff. The following rules are applicable:-
1. Library card will be issued to the students on payments of RS.50/- in case of loss, the new card will be issued on the
payment of Rs.100/-
2. A student is entitled for 2 books at a time for a period of 15 days at maximum.
3. A fine of Rs. 10/- per book per day will be charged for the period of delay.
4. In case of loss of the book, mutilation of book the students shall have to replace the library book with a new book.
5. Personal books, personal belonging are not allowed in the library.
6. Same book can be got re-issued in case there is no demand from other students.
7. Students should refrain from marking, underlining and or removing/ tearing picture from the library books.
8. Students are not allowed sub lending of library books.
9. Strict silence is to be observed in the library.
10. Students should ensure the chair occupied does not create noise pollution when he or she leaves the chair.
11. The students are requested to examine the book thoroughly at the time of issue of library book.
12. Students are liable to replace the complete the set of series in case of a loss of library book along a set of series.