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Hostel(Boys & Girls)

1. At shekhawati Ayurved college it is mandatory to take admission to the hostel for all the students except those

residing in Pilani with their guardians

2. The parents must submit two names of local guardians along with their photographs and complete address on whose

request the students shall be allowed to go outside the hostel.

3. All the students should attend classes regularly. Absence from classes without prior permission may cause

cancellation of admission from hostel except in case of illness.

4. No guests are allowed to stay in the hostel.

5. No guests are allowed to take food in the hostel mess without permission of the authorities.

6. Cooking is not allowed in the hostel.

7. Electric irons, Heaters and coolers are not allowed in the hostel.

8. Students indulging indiscipline disturbing other students and creating nuisance shall be dealt with strictly.

9. Students are advised to sign the entry and departure register available with the guard of the hostel.

10. The warden of the hostel shall be the overall in charge and students are advised to obey him/her.

11. A refundable Hostel caution money of Rs. 5000/- shall be charged from every students staying in hostel.

12. The hostel charges to be paid for each year as decided by the management will be Rs 48000/- (forty eight thousands)

p.a. which if paid in installment will be 25000/- at the time of admission followed by second installment of Rs 25000/-

should be paid by 31st March.


Lunch & Dinner          Breakfast  After-noon Refreshment
1. Roti/Chapati Tea Roti/Chapati  Tea & Snacks
2. Dry Vegetable  Dal/Vegetable  
3. Curd  Rice  





Special diet may be provided on specific occasions.

Note:- students should have following items with them while coming to hostel i.e. bedding and utensils for food. An