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Dinacharya (Daily regimen)

havana (brushing the teeth)

This is a part of daily regimen. Ayurveda advocates twigs made of herbs like Karanja, nimba etc. for brushing. These plants having bitter and pungent tastes work on Kapha and expel it out. This action clears the mouth and throat and enhances the appetite and taste. Also the teeth and gums become strong and healthy.

Jihwa Nirlekhana (tongue scraping)
Tonge scraping using twigs of mango leaf, neem leaf as well as metals like copper is advocated in Ayurveda. The therapeutic effects of these materials help to get rid of Kapha and other coating from the tongue. This in turn enhances the taste and appetite.

Gandoosha (retaining medicated liquid in the mouth)
This is one of the daily regimen as well as advocated in several conditions of the mouth and throat. Medicated liquids like decoction, oil etc. are retained inside the mouth for a specific period and then split out. Gandoosha is useful to prevent diseases of teeth and gum. It is adviced in conditions like tooth ache, mouth ulcers etc.

Anjana (application of medicine into the eye)
Anjana is used both as a preventive and curative treatment in the conditions of the eye. Drugs that are good for cleaning the eye and improving the eye sight are processed and made into either thin pastes or special tablet forms. This is applied beneath the eyelids once or twice daily.

Vyayama (Exercise)
One must do Vyayama regularly. It enhances digestive power, functioning of the body, prevents deposition of fat. However one must consider his strength while planning the mode and duration of exercise.